Data Link Services (ACARS/VDLM2)

ACARS is the most trusted, proven, reliable communications system in the world. ARINC Direct provides private and corporate aircraft owners the same venerable service the commercial industry has been using for over 20 years - tailoring it to your individual needs and operational preferences.

VDLM2 expands on ACARS capabilities to offer even greater bandwidth and a more extensive suite of flight information, operational control, and ATC applications than ever before. With a capacity more than ten times that of ACARS, pilots can use the weather graphics, electronic charts, and aircraft monitoring programs now readily available, to boost flight efficiency and safety.

ARINC Direct data link communications capabilities include:

  • Support for all avionics types
  • Uplink flight plans and weather to the FMS
  • Uplink flight plans from ARINC and third-party providers
  • Uplink Coded Departure Routes (CDRs) as needed
  • Send and receive e-mails, faxes, and text (SMS) messages
  • Message via Type B (IATA) and ICAO (AFTN) networks
  • Concierge and message delivery services
  • Text and graphical weather
  • Uplink winds and temperature aloft
  • Aircraft-to-aircraft messaging
  • E-mail to aircraft



Our other flight deck communications services include:


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