ATS Data Link Services

Pilots today have to be able to access critical operational and safety information as quickly and efficiently as possible. ARINC stands at the forefront of the data link technology that makes this possible - and ARINC Direct gives pilots access to the most reliable ATS services possible.

Our versatile ATS solutions minimize cockpit workload while providing accurate real-time information. Whether it's a departure or fight clearance, weather conditions, or any other report, operators of private aircraft are assured the latest digital network technology for ATS messages automatically displayed in the cockpit.

Our data link ATS services include:

  • Predeparture Clearances (PDC and DCL)
  • Oceanic Clearance Delivery (OCD)
  • FANS, ADS, and CPDLC capability (approved avionics)
  • D-ATIS, TWIP, flow reports
  • North Atlantic Track (NAT) messages



Our other flight deck communications services include:


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