Iridium Data Link Solutions

As part of our total communications solution, ARINC Direct delivers its customers global data link services - even where ground stations are unreliable or non-existent - ensuring the timely, accurate delivery of aircraft operational control (AOC) messages.

Two-way text messaging, flight movement data, text and graphical weather, Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) alerts, and in-flight route planning are just a few of the applications made possible by Iridium satellite services around the world.

Iridium also provides valuable redundancy for satellite services while requiring minimal equipage or upgrade costs, creating a cost-effective and vital communications service for your aircraft.

ARINC Direct patented data link-over-Iridium technology in 2007 - trust your Iridium communications to the company that pioneered the technology.


Our other flight deck communications services include:


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