Air Traffic Services


As the first general aviation provider to be certified to participate in the FAA's CDM initiative, ARINCDirect is uniquely positioned to give customers greater operational efficiency, shorter delay times, the most accurate information, and routing benefits.

In addition, flight crews and ground personnel have access to Digital ATIS (D-ATIS), Terminal Weather Information for Pilots (TWIP), and other Air Traffic Services (ATS) prior to and during flight. In North America and Europe, ARINCDirect provides tools to manage airport and airway slots, as well as manage various ATS functions.

  • Participation in CDM
  • Access to D-ATIS, TWIP, and other advisories
  • EUROCONTROL airway slot management
  • EUROCONTROL route amendments
  • High-density and special-event airport reservations


Our other flight support services include:


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