ARINC Direct Mobile


Now ARINC Direct customers can create and submit flight plans using a portable BlackBerry® or other personal wireless devices when they need to make last-minute changes and cannot get to a computer. ARINC Direct Mobile allows pilots and flight departments to access vital features of our web-enabled flight planning service.

In addition, customers can view flight routes with weather radar overlays, update departure times, retrieve text weather, and view the status of flight plans in their account. Trip kits can be created and faxed, or e-mailed - all from a personal wireless device.

ARINC Direct Mobile offers extensive services that allow pilots to get the most up-to-date information possible without a computer:

  • Create, file, amend, and cancel flight plans
  • Support for all common mobile browsers
  • Real-time text and graphical weather products
  • Send messages to and from the aircraft
  • Fuel ordering capability
  • Route of flight depictions
  • Animated (looping) radar imagery
  • Access to airport information from AC-U-KWIK


Our other flight support services include:


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