Flight Planning


ARINC DirectSM delivers the innovative flight planning tools original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), flight departments, and training facilities rely on for their most critical needs. Advanced route planning, airway slot management, runway analysis, and collaborative decision making (CDM) participation are just a few of the services that make ARINC a proven, trusted leader in business aviation solutions.

We tailor flight plans to individual aircraft performance parameters and flight departure preferences - ensuring accurate trip times, routes, and fuel consumption. The plans are available for customers via data link or disk, for error-free loading into your flight management system (FMS).

Comprehensive flight planning services include:

  • Worldwide flight planning (U.S. and metric) and electronic filing
  • Multiple Route OptimizationTM
  • Known RoutesTM database
  • ATC Routes and Coded Departure Routes
  • Customized weight and balance solutions
  • Thousands of CFMU/eRAD-compliant routes
  • Graphical route and weather depictions
  • Runway analysis with obstacle data by APG
  • Integrated AC-U-KWIK data
  • Medical and security intelligence and advisories
  • Automatic notification of EDCTs and CTOTs
  • Critical fuel (ETP) and driftdown computations
  • ETOPS compliance
  • Turbulence planning and defined-area avoidance
  • Third-party provider flight plan storage
  • Local time support
  • Hundreds of flight plan formats
  • Ability to create e-mail and fax flight plan packages
  • 24-hour flight planning and technical support
  • eAPIS
  • Integrated RAIM predictions


Our other flight support services include:



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