ARINCDirect Dial

Access your entire fleet with a single telephone number - regardless of the connection type - using ARINCDirect DialSM. Simply calling a standard telephone number routes calls dynamically based upon the caller's choice, connecting them with the aircraft via Inmarsat Classic, Inmarsat Swift, or Iridium. With our automatic fax detection, this same number can also accept faxes with no user intervention.

Our Direct Dial International option lets you pick local numbers from hundreds of countries and cities worldwide. Enjoy all the convenience and simplicity of Direct Dial, but with a number local to where you choose. You can even choose to have multiple local numbers around the globe.

With single-point connectivity to Inmarsat and Iridium technology from anywhere, Direct Dial is easy-to-use and seamless - giving customers the flexibility and convenience they need.

Our passenger communications solutions include:

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